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Looking at the River

Empower Yourself With By The Wey Counselling

Take Back Control of Your Life

Emily Bristow Counsellor

About Me

I'm Emily, and like you are doing now, I have also spent time scrolling through the internet searching for a therapist who looked like someone I could trust and be vulnerable with. I did find that therapist, and it was the start of a new and enlightened version of my life! Now it is my turn as the therapist, to do the same for you...

I am an Integrative counsellor working with adults on a wide range of issues, in particular with anxiety, depression, low self-esteem and addiction. I also offer a free initial call in order to establish your therapeutic needs.

The Therapy

Using an integrative approach which draws on different methods of counselling to suit your individual needs, my down-to-earth personality will put you at ease and offers an equal partnership in your counselling experience. I have a keen focus on empowering my clients by providing a safe space to explore who you are, what your needs are and ultimately what you are capable of achieving. I firmly believe that in identifying the root causes of our current behaviours we can unlock the opportunity to change how we move forward in our lives.


I have a background in the MoD, both working as a civilian and living within the military which has given me a valuable insight into how 2 contrasting ways of life can work together, but also the challenges involved. I welcome serving members of the armed forces and veterans.

I have had the privilege of working in a Women’s Support Centre and the Rape and Sexual Abuse Support Centre offering counselling to vulnerable clients who are looking to take back some form of control in their lives.

I have experience of using short-term, solution-focused therapy in the NHS for the management of depression and anxiety.

As well as my private practice, I am also currently working for the prison service for the provision of group therapy for clients who are in recovery from alcohol and substance use disorder.

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